secrets revealed: the creation of exciting new lockdown series

Last month you will have seen the first part in this behind the scenes look at my new lockdown series. Today I wanted to share with you a couple more in this series and show you how they were created.

Lockdown – depression

This was a tricky image to create. The image needed to be out of proportion to give the impression that the room was too small. I wanted to create a sense of claustrophobia and feeling trapped.

The walls are closing in! This lockdown inspired photograph shows a woman sat on the floor with the walls and ceiling closing in on her.

It actually took me a couple of attempts to get this image to look right. To start with I had a photo of my hallway. I was just going to shrink the walls. It was harder than I imagined! I kept getting my perspectives wrong.

A photograph of my hallway to use as a background to Lockdown - depression

So after a lot of fiddling around, I eventually decided to draw myself a perspective grid, and then infill the walls, ceiling and floor with photos of textures I had in my library. This worked much better!

Reconstructed room, using perspective lines and texture photographs to build a room for my lockdown series

Once I had created my room the rest fell into place relatively easily.

Lockdown – Acceptance

For this image, I photographed a section of my bookshelf. The idea from this came from rediscovering my love for reading. Like everyone – I lead a busy life. Over the last few years, I have not found time to just sit and read a book. With the pace of life slowing down so dramatically during the lockdown, I found the time to read again. I had a long list of books I wanted to read, and finally could take the time to do it without feeling like I should be doing something else!

Strange fine art photograph of a person appearing from some books. created during the 2020 lockdown

On the whole, this image was fairly easy to create. I took a photo of the books, and then one of myself and merged them together in photoshop. I enhanced my eye colour to make my portrait more noticeable.

The biggest problem I had was having that nagging feeling something was missing! Eventually I decided it needed more texture in the upper section of the image. For this I used an image of some clouds I had in my library, and blended it using overlay mode. I changed the colour and vibrancy too. Once in place I masked out parts of the photo that were covering up the books.

Photograph of clouds used as a texture in my new lockdown series.

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