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Introducing “creepy room” print the new image you are going to love (assuming you are into weird and surreal imagery like me!) Today I am unveiling to you a new digital image available to buy as limited edition fine art prints.

Creepy room print

My reading matter over the last couple of months may have brainwashed me! Although I may have already had a tendency to dark and surreal worlds. Whatever the reason, I am really enjoying where my work is taking me at the moment.

The books I have been reading have definitely had an influence on my thinking. Books of choice during these slower-paced months have included Neil Gaiman and David Wong. Both of these authors have wild imaginations and create images of crazy worlds in my mind as I read them.

A lady sits in a dark creepy room staring out the window to the moon.

Inspiration for the creepy room print.

I cannot specifically tell you the inspiration behind this image. However, I love the moon and the tales and lore associated with it. So I knew I wanted a lovely full moon streaming in through the window.

There had to be an element of mystery about the image too. Who is the woman? How long has she been sat there? what is she waiting for? There is a hint of “The Mysteries of Harry Burdick” about this image too.

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I have added this image to my collection of prints available to buy. Each limited edition image is printed on high-quality fine art paper and is available to buy in three sizes.

Check out the print gallery now.

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