Lady Gaga and Adobe join forces for an exciting competition

Last month I came across a new competition to enter. It was a little different from the usual ones I submit images to. Adobe set the challenge to use one of their design products (Photoshop or illustrator) to reinterpret “Chromatica”, which is Lady Gaga’s new album.

Planning a design

As you may be aware I do like to use Photoshop when producing my images. It allows me to get creative and add a little fantasy element to my work. Therefore this did feel like an opportunity I couldn’t ignore!

When starting to think about what I might produce, I first looked at the title. It is obviously a made-up word, but there are some theories as to what it might mean. The general definition that came back was:

Of, or relation to, or giving all the tones of the chromatic scale. Of or relating to colour or colour phenomena or sensations (relating to chroma)

I then took a look at some of the lyrics to the songs on the new album. There was a strong sense of opposing colours working together. I also picked up on themes of symbiosis. Working together for the greater good.

One of the rules stated that you had to include one of the design elements from a selection. I decided to use the strap line, as this also fitted in with the concept of symbiosis.

no one thing is greater than another - the tag line from Chromatica

Creating a design with Adobe

With the words “one one thing is greater than the other” I ended up going down a very typically British route and thinking about the weather. We are notorious in this country to spend our time longing for the weather we haven’t got. If it is a glorious sunny day, we will complain it is too hot and that our gardens need the rain. If it is pouring with rain, we long for our summer back!

Using this as a basic concept I then set about creating this image using adobe photoshop. This allowed me to import the different design elements as layers, and move them about or colour them independently of the rest of the image.

Here is what I came up with.

My entry into the Adobe and Lady Gaga image competition

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