New fine art: walking through the meadow print

Today I am proud to share a new limited edition fine art print with you. This is the “walking through the meadow” print.

Inspiration for new art

Lockdown was hard going! I think we can all agree to that. People found different coping methods, and each of us had a different experience with it. However, I think for everyone there were elements of lockdown which were tough. Whether that was not being able to see loved ones or having to juggle work with homeschooling. It was hard!

This image came to me during this strange time. walking through the meadow represents the freedoms we all missed when they were taken away. I see it as a happy image of hope for a more normal future.

digital art showing a fantasy world of walking through the meadow.

An alternative style

It is a bit lighter than my usual pieces, and at the same time more abstract. I wanted to create a sense of freedom and reconnecting with the world.

Especially to the other work that I created during the lockdown. I guess with things settling back to as near normal as we can get, I am starting to feel a little more positive!

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This new fantasy image is now available as a limited edition fine art print. Available in three size and printed on high quality fine art paper.

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