A wonderful photo walk in Worthing

This week I am going to share with you some alternative images. Something a bit different from my usual digital art. The other day I went on a wonderful photo walk in Worthing, and here is what I discovered.

Historical Worthing

Worthing is a coastal resort in West Sussex, UK. It has a long and interesting history with many notable people visiting the town.

In 1798 Princess Amelia came to the town to recover from an illness. It was thought that the sea air would be good for her health!

In 1894 Oscar Wilde wrote the Importance of being Ernest whilst visiting the town.

You can find out more about the town over on the Discover Worthing website.

Photo walk in Worthing

Today, Worthing is a varied mix of fascinating historical buildings mixed into new developments. Striking new builds are often controversial in the town, whilst they often maintain a historical feel about them.

I decided it was time I went out and tried to tell the stories of these buildings, the old versus the new. The history of these buildings, the people who designed them. The people that opposed them. And then let these interesting structures speak for themselves. This is what I discovered on my photo walk in Worthing.

Bayside Apartments

I will start with the most modern construction that I captured. This new residential building has been under debate for a good few years now. Build on the site of the old Aquarena swimming pool, the site was derelict for many years.

There were a couple of issues with this new build. One being the lack of affordable housing for local people. The other, was the design of the building itself. The original designs were a very tall building, towering over all the local structures in the area. It has had to go through many redesigns to get it to the construction stage.

Looking at the bayside apartment on a photo walk in Worthing

Art Deco garage

This next building I actually don’t know much about. However I would be fascinated to learn more. It caught my eye initially because of the Art Deco styling. The smooth concrete exterior with decorative details in the upper section.

This garage building is in central Worthing so could well be an original structure from the early 20th Century when the Art Deco styling was popular.

I couldn’t resist having a little play with this image! There was something appealing to me to make the sky the same shade of turquoise as the garage door!

An art deco garage I discovered on my photo walk in Worthing.

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