3 new stock images that will give you your 5 a day

I have been taking a break from my arty side for a while. Instead, I have come up with some new stock images for my Alamy portfolio.

Get your 5-a-day at Alamy stock

These new images have all been centred around food. They have also been created specifically with the stock site in mind. So they have been colour themed with plenty of copy space around them.

I decided to use vegetables as my subject for this set for a few reasons.

  • The idea of photographing vegetables is fascinating. Each one has its own distinctive colours and textures.
  • We were still going through partial lockdown, so I was looking for interesting subjects in the home.
  • There is a growing trend for healthy eating. Therefore, I thought these would be images people might find useful for their own projects.

Stock Photography

The idea behind stock photography agencies is to curate images from photographers that anybody can buy for their project. So if you are building a website on mindfulness, you will be able to find some pictures of candles to set the mood.

Alamy has thousands of images to choose from covering all kinds of subjects and themes.

For me I tend to contribute images on science, nature and still life concepts. As these are the subjects I am capturing most frequently.

Buy Images

To check out these and other images that might be useful for one of your projects, head over to my Alamy portfolio now.

Alamy Portfolio

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