Revisiting, tweeting and improving on surreal art

Sometimes I look at a finished piece of my surreal art and decide – that is it. I have nailed it. Other times I look at it and there is a nagging doubt that something isn’t quite right. This is the feeling I had with some of my Lockdown art, so I decided to take another look at it!

Improving on surreal art

At the start of Lockdown, I created a new series which looked at the different emotions that this situation has bought about. Although I was happy with the image I call “Shock”, I did decide I could improve on it when I revisited the image.

It was a subtle change for this one, basically increasing the saturation on the box and eyes. I felt this gave it a little more “pop”.

fine art photography - A pair of eyes peak out of a wooden box in this dark and surreal painterly art. This creepy art image is made up from an oversized face - too large from the box it is emerging from.A new updated version of lockdown art featuring eyes looking out of a box

Lockdown – Denial

This next image was also one that I changed quite subtly. I added some extra shadows and a little more colour.

weird fine art created during the 2020 lockdown as part of my lockdown series. The image shows a person peaking out from a letter box.A new version of my surreal art produced during lockdown

Lockdown – Guilt

This image has had a radical transformation. It is one of those images that I wasn’t really happy with when I first created it. For a long time, I couldn’t work out what was wrong. Then with some constructive critique from a trusted source, I was able to take another look and came up with this image.

Creepy fine art image of a person trapped in a bottle of whisky. Created during the 2020 lockdownSurreal art - an updated Lockdown image

Revisiting surreal art

As you can see, by revisiting these images I have made some great improvements. I can honestly say I am so much happier with them now!

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