Fun seasonal spooky images you need to see some light relief!

We have had one crazy year! The anxiety levels have gone through the roof, and I have found myself lacking inspiration when it comes to my photography. So I was really pleased to find some light relief and inspiration by creating some seasonal spooky images!

Spooky Halloween Photography

I have been a member of the Guild of Photographers for a few years now. And never have I valued the membership as much as I have this year. Earlier this year when we were in the middle of Lockdown 1.0 they were so supportive. This support was shown in a number of ways, but most valuable to me was the community support, and webinars.

As we are now at the start of Lockdown 2.0 they are still supporting their members in every way they can. A couple of weeks ago they laughed a fun new challenge. Every two weeks they announce new themes, and people from each region within the UK compete to see who created the best images. This challenge is purely for fun and to get everyone feeling creative again!

It has certainly worked for me. Two of the themes for this challenge were “Apples” and “shadows”. So with Halloween having only just happened I decided to add this element into my images.

My first image involved me carving an apple and added flames and textures to give a dark tone to the image.

spooky images - a Halloween carved apple!

The next image followed on with this Halloween theme, where I created a shadow of a creepy pumpkin monster! I then added this to a composite using my children walking away and put them in the Park Güell in Barcelona!

spooky images - creepy shadows!

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