Are we just puppets? Exploring this social issue through art.

The world is a strange place right now. Freedom of speech has been a hot topic over the last few weeks. You don’t have to go far to find someone wanting to tell you that your opinion is wrong, just because you disagree with them. So are we all brainwashed puppets? Who is really controlling what we hear or see? That is what my latest series is exploring.

In control or just puppets?

We are surrounded by people telling us what to think and how to behave, that it can be hard to know what to think. Many people are so scared that they are quick to jump on any information. This information is often wrong or misleading.

Information comes from so many different sources, politicians, media, social media, friends and acquaintances. How do we know which information to trust, and why are people so quick to tell others they are wrong.

Art inspired by social issues

All of this has led me to be inspired to create a new art series. Each piece represents the different ways in which we are fed information. It also questions who is actually in control. Is it us? Or are we being controlled?

The emotional centre of the storm

The first piece features a single eye on a string. Eyes are such a symbolic item to use. The eye is staring with an intense gaze representing an eye of wisdom. I chose to feature just one eye as this symbolises a number of emotions, including being destructive, and paranoid.

are we just puppets? or can we think for ourselves?

I wanted to this image to feature the colour red. This is a colour that commonly alerts us to danger. I wanted that sense of intensity within the image.

ear puppets

The next piece features three ears as a marionette puppet. The ear can be a symbol of a labyrinth, which I feel sums up the world at the moment. We feel so lost! There is also the more obvious theme that we should be careful to react to what we hear. It can be tricky knowing what to believe when we live in a world of information overload.

Are we just puppets believing everything we hear?

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