who is in control of the information you see and hear?

We live in strange times. The world has become a place of information overload. Everywhere you turn you can get options or facts. But how can you tell what is a true fact and what is an opinion with no evidence behind it? So today I am asking the question; who is in control fo the information you see and hear?

Behind the scenes of my puppet series

Today I thought I would share the inspiration for my new series which I have called Puppets. I shared the first two images from this series a couple of weeks ago. My mind has gone down quite a dark route for this series. However, I think that it is a reflection of the world we are in right now.

Are we just puppets believing everything we hear?

fact or fiction?

While I sit here and write, the government has just approved the first vaccine for the covid-19 virus. This has led me to really think about the world of information we live in. Within my friendship groups I have people that will trust in the vaccine, and trust in the science. I also know people who are sceptical. They have fears and concerns about the speed at which it was produced, and not knowing the long term effects.

The modern world generates more confusion over this issue. The media is one of the problems. It is no secret that the press is not regulated in the UK. They will pump out the story which suits the political agenda of the party they are currently supporting. Therefore a bias is created, which can lead to confusion.

We also have social media around us allowing people to share opinions. This is great in so many ways but can become a giant game of Chinese whispers. An opinion put out there gets twisted and then is not clear where the original information was from a reputable source or not.

are we just puppets? or can we think for ourselves?

Fearing the lack of control of information

I completely understand why people are asking questions. Our governments cannot be trusted. We know that they all have hidden agendas. Also, the media cannot be trusted. Finally, Our well-meaning friends repeat information they have heard, which adds to the confusion. People are scared and it is hard to know who to trust.

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