Information overload: Do you think before you speak?

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first two images from my new series “puppets“. Today I am continuing the theme of information overload with a new piece. This image is looking at the concept of thinking carefully before we repeat the information we are given.

Too many words

I talked before about the different ways in which we are given information in the modern world. The other element, which causes problems is the passing on of this information. Everyone is keen to share what they have heard without necessarily finding out the facts. This way information is passed on which is not necessarily correct.

I wanted to represent this lack of control through a new image. This new piece features a mouth on a stick. The hand holding the stick is in control, but who does it belong to? Is it the same person we see represented as a mouth, or are we being controlled by outside influences?

Infomation overload: a mouth on a stick - who is in control of what  you are saying?

Information overload

There is so much information out there. People are also feeling really passionate about the world right now. Health and politics are playing such a huge part of our lives, and people want to share their opinions.

As individuals we need to take responsibility for processing the information we are given. We need to work out whether we are being told facts or opinions. If we are not sure, then we should refrain from sharing the information.

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