A year in pictures to get the creativity flowing!

At the beginning of 2021, I decided I needed to take more pictures! I felt the need to remove any creative pressures and just take photographs, without needing to worry if they were any good or not! with all the uncertainty in 2020, I found it really difficult to get inspired to take photographs, and needed to kick start my passion again! This is why I decided to sign up to 52 frames and create a year in pictures!

A year in pictures

So what is the 52 frames project? Each week this site gives you a theme to photograph. There are also “bonus points” for using a second theme or technique within that image. The idea is to not worry about how good the image is but to just pick up the camera and start creating.

Also, 52 frames holds you accountable, as you upload your image to the gallery for critique. So there is an end goal! This makes it harder to stop!

January in images

So far I have managed to complete the challenges for January. Here are the themes and my entries:

Week one – self portrait (bonus: one light)

Self portrait for the year in pictures project

I decided to photograph myself reading The book of symbols as I have been using this inspiration book to give me ideas for several of my fine art projects. The book sums up my mood, wanting to get more creative with my photography!

Week two – leading lines (bonus: four lines)

Leading lines for the year in pictures project

I had been planning this image for several weeks. It is the next in my puppet series looking at control and who really influences us. Having leading lines as the theme gave me the push to actually get around to creating it!

Week three – get low (bonus: leading lines)

from below for the year in pictures project

During week three I had started processing lateral flow tests at my day job. I had wanted to document this moment as it felt significant.

Week four- water (bonus: 1/4000+)

oranges and a lime creating a water splash

I had been wanted to get my old fish tank out for some time. The challenge this week allowed me to get it out, fill it up, and make a mess by throwing objects into it! I tried to get the bonus of using a really fast shutter speed, but the lighting wasn’t quite good enough in my dark lounge in the middle of winter! However, I am still happy with the result!

Week five – Horizon lines (bonus: break the rule)

Intensional camea movement to capture a horizon image for 52 frames

The light was a little flat on the only spare day I had to get out a photograph a horizon. However, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from trying to capture an alternative viewpoint. I have dabbled in the past with using intentional camera movement to create an abstract image. So I thought this technique might be fun to try on a seascape.

I love how this technique creates a painterly effect. So I enhanced that look with a little editing in Photoshop.

Also I love how this captures my mindset at the moment! The way forward is not very clear…….the future does feel a bit blurry!

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