Four Fantastic Frames for February – more images from my year-long project

You may recall, last month I shared images from my 2021 challenge. I am taking part in the 52 frames project. This challenge involves taking one image a week on the theme set on the website. Today I am going to show you my frames for February.

Focal point

The first week of February the challenge was to emphasise a focal point in the image. For bonus points, the image should be captured at f/1.4. Unfortunately, I do not have a lens that captures this aperture, so I opted for f/1.8 instead. I was also kicking myself and although I managed to capture the image, I completely forgot to upload it to the website!

Using hand sanitiser - one of my frames for February project

Golden Hour

Week two encouraged us to take images of the golden hour. For bonus points, we had to capture this magical hour at sunrise. Mother nature was not on my side for that week, so I had to get creative. You can read more about how I got on with the golden hour challenge in my post from last week. However, you will see that I created an alternative image for this theme!

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic image for my frames for February project


Week three bought us the cinematic challenge. The idea was to come up with a final scene of a movie – to encourage our story telling skills. We were also encouraged to enhance the image through editing to give the image a more cinematic feel.

Story telling through an image


Finally, my last image for frames for February was all about capturing details. The subject could be whatever we wanted, but they wanted to see details. Additional credit was given if the image was captured or edited in HDR (High Dynamic Range). This technique lightens the shadows and darkens the highlights to create an image that is more like what we see with the human eye.

final frames for February - details

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