Magnificent March moments for the 52 frames project

Last month you may have read my blog on Fabulous February. This month I am sharing my Magnificent March moments. These are all images I created during the month of March for the 52 frames project. In this project, I have to capture one image each week on a specific theme. So far, it has been a fantastic project for getting my creative juices flowing!

Negative Space (+ Street)

First of all, in March, we were asked to capture an image showing negative space. For extra credit, the image could be a street scene. I didn’t manage to get out and about that week, so decided to create an image at home. I didn’t want the image to be a literal interpretation, so added a little surrealism to the photograph.

Negative space image created for Magnificent March

Colour relationships (+Harris Shutter effect)

Next up was colour relationships. This could be interpreted however we wanted with the bonus credit for using the Harris Shutter effect. This is not something I had come across before, so had to read around the subject before I started. This technique was originally created using different coloured filters moving in front of the lens while using a slow shutter speed. Today, many people recreate this effect using editing software. As I love to play around in Photoshop I decided to use the latter to add coloured effects to my image.

Colour created using the Harris shutter effect for Magnificent March

Window Light (+mirror)

I really struggled for inspiration this week. It was my first week back to doing my normal job in the day job (I work in a school and this was the first week we have had all the kids in the building all year). I was feeling tired and exhausted. I tried a few different subjects but my heart wasn’t really in it. In the end I made life easier for myself and just photographed a subject that was already enjoying the light from the window!

cactus light by natural light from a window

Slow Shutter (Rear-curtain sync)

I will give a little more detail about how I created this image in a couple of weeks. However, for now here is my image that I submitted using slow shutter speed. I also set my flash to rear-curtain sync to get a sense of movement within the image.

backgammon game with pieces falling

Fast Shutter (water drop)

The last theme of the month was to use a fast shutter speed, with bonus points for having a go at water drop photography. This is a technique I have played with in the past, with mixed results. You need specialised kit to get the really amazing images you see. Those images where the drops collide and you see an umbrella effect. For my image I used a plastic pipette, and off camera flash, and a lot of patience!

splash! Water drop photography

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