Amazing April art submitted for the 52 frames project

As those of you who follow my blog regularly will know, I and taking part in a 52 frames project. This project involves taking and submitting one photo on a given theme every week. Today I thought I would share my April art submissions.

Week 15: Trapped (using manual mode)

The last few weeks of this project have been about using a particular technique, as you can see in my post from March. It was fun to have a play around with something a little more conceptual this week. It really did get the creative juices flowing, and allowed me to play around with some surrealism. Which I always enjoy! I always shoot in manual mode, so the extra credit wasn’t difficult this week.

My take on the theme trapped for the 52 frames project

Week 16: Edited by someone else (shoot in RAW)

This week we had to hand over control to someone else! We had to ask someone else to edit one of our images. This was SO hard! I am part of an all female photography group called Sheclicks. A number of members of this group are taking part in the 52 frames project. So we got together and decided to edit photos for each other. The images below is my image edited by someone else.

My rose edited by someone else for the 52 frames project

Week 17: Nature (use a tripod)

It was a beautiful spring day, and I was feeling a little tired. I considered going out into the countryside to try and capture this image. However, while eating breakfast in my conservatory, I looked out and decided there was so much nature on my doorstep that I should focus on that instead. So setting up my tripod, I sat in the sunshine and waited! A pair of blackbirds kept landing on my fence. They were clearly gathering material for their nest.

April art - my nature image for the 52 frames project

Week 18: Fabric (fashion shoot)

The theme for the last week in April was fabric. I initially had the idea of photographing this old coat against my worn out garage. I thought that would create a fun gunge image. when it actually came to the shoot the coat got lost against the busy background. In the end I created a new simple grungy background and placed my floating coat over the top.

April art - a floating coat for material week in the 52 frames project

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