New dying rose images available as striking fine art prints

As part of the 52 frames project for April, I produced these dying rose images. I needed to come up with an image for someone else to edit. The theme could be of any subject of my choosing. This gave me the chance to photograph one of the roses that was coming to the end of its life in my vase.

Edited by someone else

As you will see from my previous post, my guest editor took a very different take on this image. It is amazing how different people can look at an image and see a different way to edit it. I couldn’t help but edit these images myself to see how I would create it.

Flower triptych

There was something special about the petals that were drying out and starting to curl at the edges. To get the angles I wanted, I hung the rose from the stem. When I finished photographing it I quite liked how they looked “upside-down”.

It was during the editing process that I decided that these similar but slightly different images would work really well together as a triptych.

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