Looking behind the scenes of a creative photo edit

A few weeks back you may have seen my blog post where I shared my images for 52 frames for the month of April. Within this selection was an image with the brief “edited by someone else”. Today I thought I would give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at how this image was created.

Releasing control

The hardest part of this challenge was to hand over creative control over someone else. My creative process (like most other people) starts with a vision for an image. I then capture the photographs I need and edit them to create a final image.

In week 16 of the 52 frames project, we were asked to get someone else to edit one of our photographs. I was struggling to decide who to ask to do the editing on one of my images. Then, while browsing Facebook, I came across a relevant post in the Sheclickers do 52 frames.


I have been a member of the Sheclicks main group for some time now. It is an online community of female photographers, who share skills, ideas and images. It is a wonderfully supportive group that I enjoy being a member of. Photography can be such a competitive pastime, and this community encourage and support all of the members in such a welcoming way.

I recently discovered that there was a sub-group of this community, where members who were taking part in the 52 frames project could share images and get constructive critique. It was within the chat of this group where someone has suggesting pairing up members for this challenge. I jumped at the chance to both edit another image and have my image edited by a member of the group.

Capturing the image

I knew exactly what my subject would be for this challenge. I had been eyeing up a vase of dying roses as a potential subject for a few weeks. Therefore, here was my opportunity to photograph them!

I dangled to the rose using string, so that the flower hung directly down. I set up my continuous light to the right of the flower, and added a small reflector to the left to bounce some light back onto the rose.

behind the scenes on a creative photo edit.

My creative photo edit

I couldn’t help by having a go at editing my image. Partly because I wanted to have something to compare it to, and partly because I had a vision! So here is what I came up with:

My edit on a rose for the 52 frames project

Creative photo edit from someone else using my image.

In the end, I was surprised at how different the two images turned out. Also, it goes to show that people can have very different creative visions! Here is the image, edited by someone else:

My rose edited by someone else for the 52 frames project

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