Marvellous May art submitted to the exciting 52 frames project

Those of you who follow my blogs will. be aware that I am currently taking part in a 52 frames project. This involves capturing one image each week for a whole year. Today I am sharing my marvellous May art which was submitted to the project. If you missed my amazing April selection, be sure to check them out too.

Week 19 ISO 100 (full manual)

The challenge this week was to shoot an image at ISO 100. So the main challenge was going to be getting enough light onto the subject with only aperture and shutter speed to control the light levels. For extra credit, this had to be shot in manual mode. This is something I already do and actually made the job easier for me. By being able to adjust the settings to my liking I was able to capture a well-exposed image.

I decided to use this image of some leaves from a tree on one of my walks.


Week 20 Red (gel flash)

The theme for this week was “Red” and for bonus points, using a coloured gel on my flash. After wandering around the house looking for all things red, I settled on my teapot. I do love a nice cup of tea, and one is never enough! So my precious teapot is in constant use! I have never got around to buying gels, but I did have some red cellophane which I wrapped around my Rotolight. This created a nice red spotlight around my subject.

My marvellous may entry on the theme of red

Week 21 Portrait (Rembrandt Lighting)

As ever finding a model for my photography proved difficult! So there was only one thing for it. I needed to get in front of the camera for this week’s challenge. Trying to create that “Rembrandt” look, while posing and taking the photo was extremely difficult. Also, I decided to break the rules and go with a hi-key image, not something usually associated with this style of lighting. In the end, I was quite pleased with the results!

Self portrait, playing with Rembrandt lighting on a high key image

Week 22: Wide Angle (16mm or wider)

I set out with big ideas for what I wanted to capture for the wide-angle week. Living by the sea, without fail you get gulls pestering you for food when you sit and eat on the beach. I thought a close up wide angle of one of the seabirds would look great. In the end, the weather didn’t play ball, and it was a cold a dreary day when I went to the beach.

In the end, I captured a small patch of grass near my home. I had wanted to photograph this display of buttercups before the council cut them. I managed this with 2 days to spare!

wide angle photography

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