Joyous June submissions for the 52 frames project

For those of you following my year-long 52 frames project, today I am sharing my images created throughout joyous June! For those of you who missed last month, you can catch up with marvellous May here.

Week 23: Music (studio lighting)

This week the theme was music. I had thought about taking images of sheet music, or even my clarinet. However, I was feeling really uninspired by these subjects. The week was coming to an end and I had to come up with something on the theme of music for my weekly submission. It was then that I remembered these spinal tap characters sat on my bookshelf. I thought this was make an interesting twist on the theme. They also proved popular with other 52 framers who made jokes about where is the the drummer, and is the smoke from him spontaneously combusting! It was nice to feel this image made people smile!

Still life image of the spinal tap characters for joyous June

Week 24: Door (tell a story)

The next week had to feature a door. I had already decided my garage door was quite evocative. So it seemed like an obvious choice for my subject. However, I also wanted to “tell a story”. So this gave me the idea of sticking my hand through one of the gaps to evoke a creepy feeling.

Creepy door image for June 52 frames project

Week 25: Macro (focus stacking)

This week we had to get up close to a subject. Flowers and insects make obvious subjects for macro shots, so I spent some time in my garden looking for an interesting shot. It wasn’t long before I discovered this poor moth, which has been trapped in a spiders web. Because it was dead it made it much easier to create a focus-stacked image. This is where you take multiple images with different focal points and then blend them together. This allowed me to get the front and the back of the moth in focus.

focus stacked moth macro for joyous June

Week 26: just breathe (one click)

This last week in the month we had to capture something that represents relaxation. Taking time out to just stop and enjoy the moment. I decided to photograph a candle as that is the first object that springs to mind when talking about relaxation. I added some textures around the candle to evoke complexity surrounding the subject.

Candlelight for the theme of Breathe

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