Exciting image preview for the Littlehampton Art trail

It is just a month until the Littlehampton Art Trail. So today I thought I would give you an image preview to see some of what I will be exhibiting this year.

Composite Art

Last year I featured my Lockdown series in this wonderful event. This was a series of images all inspired by the different emotions that people faced as the country began to lockdown during the pandemic. This particular image was my representation of shock!

A new updated version of lockdown art featuring eyes looking out of a box appears in Museum exhibition and Founders cup award finalist

This year I am going for something a little less strange!

Image Preview of painterly flowers

For 2021, I have decided to revisit some of my floral designs to exhibit. Over the years I have really enjoyed photographing flowers. So I took a look back over my image catalogue and picked out some of my favourites. Having changed my style over the years, I thought I would apply my new style to these old images. I added some textures and tweaked the saturation and hue of each image. This gives these images a more painterly appearance.

I am still finalising my images for the Art Trail, but here is a preview of some I am considering exhibiting.

Carnation flower edited to look painterly

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