Jubilant July entries into the 52 frames project

Today I am sharing my images created for Jubilant July in my 52 frames project. Each week I take a new image based on a different theme. If you missed out on joyous June be sure to check that out too.

Week 27: black and white (one light setup)

I wasn’t sure what to enter into the Black and white week of the 52 frames project. I had been playing around with a plastic skeleton as part of a project I am working on called Mind Monkeys. This is a project where I am capturing those thoughts and emotions that go on in your head. The daydreams and distractions from everyday life. I thought this one would work well in black and white, and actually, it does make it more dramatic!

Black and white entry in the Jubilant July 52 frames project

Week 28: Transportation (Panning)

I had planned to get out and photograph my husband on his motorbike for the challenge this week. Of course, that was the time he got the call to self-isolate, as he had been near someone with covid! So a last-minute panic allowed me to create this abstract of his bike instead!

Transport week in the 52 frames project.

Week 29: Product photography (Brief chosen for you)

To get the extra credit this week I used a random brief generator. This gave me the following brief: “you are to present a photo for an ad, preferably with no words on it. The company sells socks. Their target audience is young women. The as should convey a sense of being nostalgic while at the same time feeling current. you are encouraged to use the company colours which are yellow and red.”

I was really pleased with how my product shoot came out. I was especially pleased to be awarded a place in the 52 picks gallery. This meant that it was picked out by the panel as being of particular interest!

Socks for my product photograph in Jubilant July

Week 30: Distorted (pep ventosa)

This week we had to create a more abstract image, with extra credit using the Pep Ventosa technique. This is a technique where you take multiple images of the same subject but move slightly between each shot. The images are then blended together in Photoshop. Also, this was my first attempt at this technique and I was really pleased with the result. I love how there is a sense of time passing with the cyclist on the road.

Pep Ventosa technique on a tree on my road.

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