Behind the scenes – How these fun dancing socks were created!

One of my images for the 52 frames project this year, was to create a product image. For one of my jubilant July images, I used a brief generator. The brief was the theme of socks! This is when I came up with my fun dancing socks image.

Dancing socks

I wanted my image to be different from a standard product shot. You know the ones, where there is a product set against a white background. The other part of the brief was to include the colours red and yellow. Therefore, I decided to create a yellow background to set my dancing sock on.

Creating the composite

Firstly, to give my socks a 3D effect I had to photograph myself wearing them. I photographed one foot at a time to enable me to position my feet exactly where I wanted them. Then, using photoshop I was able to “cut out” the sock and place them into my final image.

Next, I had to photograph the tops of the socks, which I would cut out and add to the image. This bit was a little trickier as I had to blend the top into the rest of the socks so that the join would not be visible. I achieved this by reducing the flow of my brush and masking at a low opacity around the edge of the join.

Finishing touches

Finally, I added some gradients to the yellow background to create a more balanced image. Finally, I added some shadows under the socks to give the image a sense of realism.

dancing socks for my product photograph in Jubilant July

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