Awesome August images submitted for the 52 frames project

So we have already reached awesome August! where is the year going? This was going to be a tricky month for me to capture a photo a week for the 52 frames project. The kids were on holiday and life gets generally busy during the summer months! I gave it my best shot though, and was quite pleased with some of the images!

Week 31: Wide Aperture (f1.4 portrait)

I struggled from the start with the extra credit this week. My widest lens only goes to f1.8, so I decided to not even try for that. Instead, I went for taking shots at f1.8 to see what I could come up with. It was a tricky week for me as it was the start of the school summer holidays, so time was limited. This is why I went for a shot I took on one of the days out with the kids.

wide aperture image for Awesome August 52 frames project

Week 32: Line from a song (use a generator)

I used a song line generator and was given “sittin’ at the dock of the bay”. After mulling this one over for a couple of days and not feeling inspired, I decided to pick a line from a song I like. I went for Darkside by Blink 182. More specifically I chose the line “She’s a girl dressed in black from another world”. This gave me the freedom to create one of my dark composite images. Photographing smoke from an incense stick, inverting it to black and then overlaying it on my hand.

Inspired by Darkside by Blink 182

Week 33: Night (astrophotography)

The weather was not really on my side this week to capture some astrophotography. However, just as I thought I wouldn’t get a clear night, it happened! I was not in a position to travel away from home, so had to make the most of attempting to photograph the Perseid meteor shower from my back garden. If you look closely you can just about make out one meteor at the top of the image.

astrophotography for Awesome august 52 frames project

Week 34: Texture (drone photography)

I had a crazy busy week planned for this week in the school holidays and wasn’t sure what I was going to capture. It was on our camping trip when hubby decided to clean the car that this wonderful texture image popped out at me. I had to grab the camera quickly and start snapping!

soap bubble making up an interesting texture for the texture theme week in 52 frames

Week 35: Nostalgia (make an advertisement)

The end of August bought an interesting challenge. It was to create a sense of nostalgia, and for extra credit, create an advert. As I still own my care bear toys from the 1980s this seemed like an obvious subject. So I set about creating an advert that could have been around in the 80s.

recreating a 1980s advert for Care Bears

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