Bonus time to see flower prints in Littlehampton

You may have already seen that some of my art has been on display throughout the summer. In exciting news, I am able to tell you that my flower prints exhibition has been extended. So you now have extra time to see it on display.

Flower Print Exhibition

Six images from my collection have been on display at Bad Saint Restaurant in Littlehampton during August. This series is all based on floral subjects which have been edited in my fine art style. To find out more about the images you can check out my previous blog post.

Floral art images available as prints
tulip flower - floral art images available as prints
Carnation flower edited to look painterly
grape hyacinth painterly photography
Magnolia flower as a painterly art image
Floral art images in Littlehampton Arts Trail

Art Trail

Each year I take part in the Littlehampton art trail. It is a fun community project which gives me an excuse to print some of my art. I love seeing my work in print, and hanging on a wall! I will be spending some time working on a new series for next year. However, it is great to be able to exhibit my work for longer than the two weeks of the trail.

Flower prints as greetings cards

Don’t forget, if you are not currently in the market for wall art, you can still purchase these images as greeting cards. Pop over to my shop to check them out.


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