Check out Super September, the latest from the image a week for a year project.

Here are the latest images created during super September. Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I am taking part in the 52 frames project. This involves capturing a new image every week on a new theme. Don’t forget to check out what I created in awesome august.

Week 36: Woman (environmental portrait)

I attempted to create an environment self-portrait this week, but it really wasn’t coming together. So I opted for going back to one of my favourite themes and created a macro of my eye instead. I was really pleased with the technical aspects of this image. But as someone pointed out, it is hard to know if it is actually a woman, so arguably not fully on brief. However, I am pleased with the image.

close up of my eye for the Woman week in 52 frames for Super September

Week 37: man (nude portrait)

I was not going to get a nude for this week! That is way too far out of my comfort zone. I did manage to capture this silhouette of a man fishing for the theme of “man” though.

man in mage for Super September 52 frames project

week 38: Curves (chiaroscuro)

The theme this week gave me an opportunity to play around with another new technique. I got some paper, some coloured acetate and a light. I then got creative, making shapes with the paper. You can find out more about how I created this image in my post next week.

abstract art - purple curves

Week 39: My daily routine (first person view)

Finally, in Super September, I had to record part of my daily routine. One of the first things to spring to mind when I was thinking about things I do every day, was the laundry. Seriously, where does it all come from?

my daily routine - the battle of the laundry!

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