Get some new abstract art in your life and on your walls.

One of the themes in the 52 frames project this year was to create an image using curves. This could be interpreted however we wanted, but for me, I instantly thought of the cool abstract art created using lights and paper. This was my opportunity to give it a go.

Creating abstract art

This method for creating abstract images uses a relatively simple setup. you take some paper and curl it into your desired shape. Then place it on a transparent surface. I use a piece of perspex for this. Then shine your lights up through the perspex. To create different colours you can use coloured lights. I just add some coloured acetate over my “rotolight” which creates the same effect.

The images

Here are the final images I created using this method.

Abstract art products

The great thing about creating abstract imagery is that it works so well on different objects. This is why I have decided to share these images on Redbubble. These images can be found on a wide range of products over in my shop. I really love how they look on them.

Here is a sneak peek and a small range of what is available.

Shop now

Finally, if you like what you see here, why not head over to my Redbubble shop to see the full range and some of my other images.

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