Sharing my photography passion with the younger generation

At the end of the school summer holiday, I had a rare opportunity to spend the day with one of my children (rather than having both with me). So I gave her the choice of activities. And what did she want to do? She wanted to spend the day sharing my photography passion and go on a photo walk. This made me very happy!

Photo walk

So I checked in with the small one and asked her what subjects she fancied photographing. In the past, we have gone to the wetlands to photograph birds and spent time in the countryside. This time she chose to take a walk through an urban environment. So we headed into town.

Photography passion in action

It was a gloriously warm sunny day at the beginning of September. And we just snapped anything that took our interest. It was interesting that she kept taking sneaky photos of me! However, this was not really surprising as she has had a camera in her face her whole life!

The walk took us through the town centre, around the pier before having a spot of lunch on the beach. Like me, it took her a little while to get into the “zone”. But by the time we were on the seafront, she was spotting photo opportunities all around her.

Anyway, I may be slightly biased, but I think we have a new budding photographer in our presence! Here is a selection of her images:

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