Optimistic October creations for the 52 frames project

Today I am sharing the images created during optimistic October for the 52 frames project. If you didn’t see what I created during Super September, why not check them out too.

Week 40: Dreamscape (nightmare)

I wanted to pick one of the common themes for my nightmare image. So decided on the dream where people think that their teeth are falling out. It was time to play with a surreal fine art composite for this image. I made it tonally dark to add to that feeling of a nightmare.

Creating a nightmare fantasy image for optimistic October.

Week 41: High Key (SOOC)

This week I had to create a high key image. That is one that is bright and airy in feeling. Again I wanted to create a composite image. So I picked my white soap dispenser and made it float!

High key image submitted for the Optimistic October 52 frames project

Week 42: Low Key (bodyscape)

This week was more appealing to me than the previous week. For some reason, I find it easier to create dark and moody images! I went with a theme of a white feather to contrast against the black background. Some people see white feathers as symbols of love and protection, which I felt was represented by this floating feather.

Low key image featuring a hand and a feather

Week 43: Walls (arches)

I decided I needed to take myself off for a photo walk for this weeks challenge. I had a think about where I might find the most interesting walls, and preferably some with arches in. Then it occurred to me that just up the road was the historic market town of Chichester. This was a perfect location to seek out walls. I had a very pleasant autumnal walk around the old walls and cathedral. Finally, I settled on this image of the city council offices for my submission.

Walls and arches for the 52 frames project

Week 44: Phone image (studio portrait)

It is surprising how little I use my phone for photography, considering how much I love taking photos. They do also say that the best camera for the job is the one you have on you. And most of us do carry a camera around with us every day these days. I must admit I do still love using my DSLR as I feel it makes more of an occasion of the art of taking a photo. There is more to consider. Such as do I have the right lens for the job, what is my shutter speed/ISO/aperture? Despite that though I am still pleased with my image captured on my iPhone this week.

phone photography for the 52 frames project

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