Using abstract hands for creative new art series

If you have been reading about my 52 frames project, you may have seen one of the images I produced for the low key week in October. I found the theme incredibly inspiring and went on to make several new images that week. To produce my new series of images I had a play around with photographing abstract hands.

Telling stories with abstract hands

I wanted to see if I could portray a range of emotions using hands in my images. I thought about what people do when they are upset, grieving, or stressed. Hands can tell a huge story.

People cope with these situations in different ways too. Some turn to faith to help them through the difficult times. Other people will use symbolism in the world around them. Whatever method of support people use, they often incorporate expressive hands.

This set of images represent the different coping strategies people apply to their complex and stressful lives.

Simple images featuring hands, set against a plain black background. I edited them with slightly different tones, but all in monotone. I felt this gave them a more dramatic look.

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