Take a look behind the scenes to see how my hand and feather image was created

One of my themes during the 52 frames project was to create a low key image. For this image, I created a composite of a hand with a floating feather above it. Today I thought I would share how I went about making it.

Hand and feather image

I wanted the image to look dark and moody. Also, it had to have a sense of mystery about it. To represent a feeling of hope that a white feather symbolises. I wanted it to look as though the feather was floating above the hand. Is it falling from above or just hovering in space?

Low key composite featuring a hand and a feather image

Creating a composite

I started out by photographing my hand against a black background.

hand photographed for the hand and feather image

I then took multiple photographs of a white feather. Altering the focal point between each frame to ensure I captured a sharp image. I then stacked these images using photoshop, blending them to create an overall sharp and in focus feather.

feather photographed for the hand and feather image

Editing the hand and feather image

I then placed the two images next to each other. Removing the wire that held the feather in place. Finally, I added monochrome toning to give a dark and moody feel to the whole image.

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