Nearly there November in the 52 frames project.

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I am taking part in a project where I take an image a week on a different theme. Last month during October I created some really fun images, so be sure to check them out too. This month I am fondly naming “nearly there November as it feels like we are approaching the finishing line!

Week 45: Face a fear (new photo technique)

This challenge could be about a fear that we have or a technique that is new and scary. I decided to represent the phobia of Haphephobia. Although not something I have, I do find myself getting uncomfortable when people invade my personal space. I thought I would go for a dark composite to create a more creepy atmosphere.

facing a fear for nearly there November

Week 46: Wabi-sabi (use a lens baby)

This week we had to find beauty in the old and worn out. I have a very old and broken garage at the end of my garden, and this made for a perfect subject for the challenge.

wabi-sabi for facing a fear for nearly there November

Week 47: Fill the frame (200mm)

This week the idea was to fill the frame with your subject. I was also creating some still life images for the Amateur Photographer Cover competition, so I combined these two projects. For this week I went for a close up of a Christmas pudding that I had set fire to!

Christmas Pudding!

Week 48: Inspired by a photographer (use the generator)

I used a generator to give me a photographer this week. It came up with Robert Capa. He was a war photographer during the 20th Century. One of his iconic images was The Falling Soldier, which turned out to be set up and not a documentary war shot. I decided to use this concept to set up my own image. I went for a topical subject, and focused on the current war on Covid.

inspired by a photographer week in 52 frames - Robert Capa

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