Trying my hand at the Amateur Photographer Christmas Cover competition

Every Christmas there is a new competition for me to have a go at. It is the Amateur Photographer Christmas cover competition. The theme is obviously seasonal and the winning picture will be on the front cover of the December issue.

Amateur photographer Christmas cover

I like to have a go at this competition each year. It is a challenging one for me, as I tend to lack inspiration for an original shot. It has to have the feel of the season, but I want to avoid any cliches. It is also tricky as the closing date for the competition is the end of November. So I have to start feeling festive earlier than I would like!

Anyway, this year I decided to create a still life image. I wanted to add a sense of movement into the image. So I decided on the idea of lighting a Christmas pudding. This turned out to be very challenging, trying to light the flame, pour it onto the pudding and take the photo all at the same time! However, I came away with a couple of images I was happy with.

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