Behind the scenes look at a simple home studio

One of my photography interests is to take still life images at home. In November after a period of ill health, I decided to have a quiet day at home creating some new images for my Alamy stock site. It was time to set up the home studio!

Simple home studio

I have a very simple set-up for my home photography. I tend to start off on my dining room table. Adding a backdrop, colour dependant on what I am photographing and the mood I want to create. On this particular day, I wanted to take clean images for a stock site, so white was the best choice. I then set up my Rotolight behind a diffusion screen and a reflector.

home studio set up

Still life photography

Alamy regularly posts information on photography needs on their site. This gives me some inspiration and ideas of what I could shoot. Yoghurt was on this list. So I decided to have a play with some yoghurt!

I wanted to keep these images light and airy. So I shot them on a bright background. I then lightened the tones a little more during the editing process.

Alamy Portfolio

To check out more images that I have created to be licenced, why not visit my Alamy Portfolio.

Alamy Portfolio

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