Update your masks in preparation for an unpredictable winter

With so much uncertainty still around regarding Covid-19, it is hard to know what this winter will be like. With the new Omicron variant being talked about all over the news it can feel like we will never be free of this horrid virus. One way to protect yourself and others is to wear a mask in crowded spaces. If your old face covering is looking a little tired it might be time to update your masks!

Update your masks

Masks have become second nature to us all now. In the UK it used to be a strange sight to see someone wearing a mask. However, these days we don’t give it a second thought.

Having worn masks for over a year now, it might be time for a refresh. And remember – masks don’t have to be boring! If you want to accessorise to match your mood, personality or outfit then Redbubble will have something to suit you.

Redbubble provides a variety of styles so you will find one that suits you. Whether you want a fitted 3-layer design for extra protection or a smaller fit to ensure your kids are protected, they have a mask for you.

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