The best of 52 frames 2021

As you many already know, last year I took part in a year long project. This required me to take one image each week on a particular theme. Today I thought I would share some of my favourite images from 52 frames 2021.

52 frames 2021

The 52 frames project is a fun challenge where you are given a theme each week. This can be a particular genre, subject, or a technical skill. Extra credit is given if you can combine this will an additional challenge.

I got quite hooked on this during 2021. Although not always easy to come up with ideas, it really stretched my imagination. I found I had to think of alternative ways of completing the brief. Here is an example where I used some spinal tap models for “Music” week. Going out to see live music was a little limited during 2021!

Still life image of the spinal tap characters for joyous June

Learning new techniques

The other part of this challenge I really enjoyed was having a play with techniques I had never tried before. Although I was not always happy with the results, it was fun to try something new.

One of the images I was really pleased with was playing with “pep ventosa”. This is where you take multiple images of a subject, moving the camera slightly between images. They are then combined in some photo editing software. For a first attempt at this I was really pleased with the results!

Pep Ventosa technique on a tree on my road. 52 frames 2021

Continuing the surrealism

This project also allowed me to dabble with some composites and surrealism. Towards the end of the year we had to combine three themes from the year. I had thought this was going to be difficult. However in the end I managed to combine many themes, including:

  • line from a song
  • woman
  • self portrait
  • dreamscape
  • low key
  • distorted
Combining three challenges "may angels lead you in"

52 frames 2022

I must be mad, but I have decided to continue this project into 2022! If you want to follow to see my images as I produce them, you can see them over on instagram (@sara_sadler_photography)

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