New Alamy fine art added to my portfolio

I have previously shared details of my Alamy portfolio before. This is a stock agency. I upload my images and Alamy sells them on my behalf. Recently I have been adding more content to my portfolio. You can now purchase some of my surreal images from my Alamy fine art portfolio.

Alamy fine art

One of the reasons I choose to sell my art through Alamy is because they do not restrict the style or genre of images they sell. This allows me to add some more of my unusual images to the site for sale.

Combining three challenges "may angels lead you in"

I really enjoy creating these images, but I can also see them being used as book covers or album art. So I decided it was time to add them to my stock site.

Alamy fine art. Candlelight for the theme of Breathe

Alamy portfolio

These particular images can be viewed over on my Fine Art Portfolio page. To see all the images for sale on my Alamy site check out the link below.

Alamy Portfolio

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