Getting in the mood for a colourful spring

We could all do with a little hope at the moment. So today I thought I would share some colourful spring images to lighten the mood.

Colourful flowers

It is that of year when the blossom is starting to grow on the trees and new flowers are emerging. The new season brings colour to our landscapes, longer warmer days and hopefully a little more positivity into our lives.

I have always been drawn towards nature and flowers for my photography. The natural world gives us such a wonderful range of colours and textures. After a dark winter, seeing these beautiful flowers emerging from the ground lightens my mood!

A couple of years ago I created some painterly style images using these natural colours and textures as inspiration. I used the photographs of the flowers, taking colours from them to form a textured background.

Colourful Spring

However, nature also does a wonderful job of presenting itself without an artistic flare. If you prefer a more untouched image of spring I have some alternative images which have had less editing done to them.

Want to see more

These images and more of my floral work can be seen over on Redbubble. So if you like the colourful signs of spring, be sure to head over there.

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