Don’t be fooled! It’s April fools day!

I was going to post an image of something crazy for todays blog post in honour of April Fools day. However, the problem with this is that everyone knows I love Photoshop. Also, these days people are far too wise to photo manipulation to fall for it. So instead I decided to take a look at manipulated images from the past. These will illustrate photo manipulation is not something new!

Photo Manipulation

I have talked before about my love for creating art using photography and editing. It is often a misunderstood form of art with people quick to accuse the images of being fake. However, all images have “been edited”in one form or another. Either in camera with the camera or phone making the changes to create a jpg. Alternatively, by a person using software or a darkroom to enhance the image.

Museum of hoaxes

In my search for photographic April fools day pranks I came across the museum of hoaxes. They have a physical museum in California, but also have a wealth of information on their website. One page in particular is devoted to images created for April foods day.

An early hoax which still appears in numerous places online is the triple decker bus. It sounds like something from Harry Potter. However, this photograph was published in 1926 by Echo Continental, a German auto parts magazine.

The magazine used professional illustrators to manipulate the image and food people into thinking that this bus was real.

Manipulated image created as an April fools day hoax

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