Take a look behind the scenes to see how I created this vampire reflection image!

Some of you may have seen my latest obsession with creating images using miniature vampires! This month I thought I would show you behind the scenes to see how I created the vampire reflection image!

Vampire Reflection

One of the legends surrounding vampires is that they will not have a reflection in a mirror. I wanted to show this in an image with my miniature vampire. The problem I initially had was to show that you were looking at a vampire next to a mirror with no reflection rather than it just being next to a wall. So to emphasise this I decided to include the vampire hunter in the photograph.

Miniature vampire being hunted by a vampire hunter and showing no reflection - for March 52

Removing the Vampire reflection

I set up the hunter on a compact mirror. Then I attached my lady vampire to some garden wire and placed her hovering over the hunter.

behind the scenes of the vampire reflection image.

I used my 100mm macro lens to capture the image. This lens allows me to get in nice and close to the subjects.

To assist me in the editing process I also took a photograph of the set-up without the vampire in the image. This allowed me to easily remove the wire, and her reflection using layers and a mask in Photoshop.

Finishing touches

Once I was happy with the basic edit I added some colour toning and textures to create a bit of atmosphere.

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