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I am regularly adding new images to my library of pictures for sale. Whether it is fine art or science stock images. Recently I have added some new science-based images to my library.

Alamy Science Stock

One of my interests outside of photography is science. I love all things to do with the natural world and how we can make developments with science.

I have recently been adding some new images to this library. Some of these images are microscopic images taken through a microscope. This shows a range of cells, from onions, check and blood cells. This library also includes plant stems, silver crystals and small animals such as bed bugs (see below).

The other set of images that I have recently added is a selection of flame tests. Burning chemicals allow you to identify which element is present by the colour of the flame. In this example, copper is being burnt to create a green flame.

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You can visit my science portfolio to see the complete range of images available to buy. For my full Alamy library visit my main portfolio.

Alamy Portfolio

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