April 52 is now complete!

We are already a third of the year complete! If you didn’t see March 52, why not take a look at that too. Take a look at the images created for April 52 as part of the 52 frames project.

Week 13: emotion (CTB)

This week I decided to use the subject of my children growing up as my theme. It was the weekend of mothers day here in the UK. I had a proud moment when my kids took themselves off to the shop, chose my gifts and paid for them with their own money. This was the first time that they have done mothers day without their dad’s help! This pride was also tinged with feeling a little sad that my babies are growing up and don’t need me anymore! Obviously, their growing independence is so important, but I did allow myself to have a moment of sadness too! The small one would be sad to see what I was doing with her Ted (she is not too old for them just yet!), but I felt it represented my children growing up!

reaching out for a bear, representing my children growing up for April 52.

Week 14: Nature (400mm+)

Despite it now being spring, the weather has been really chilly. I was determined to get out and capture some nature for the challenge. So I took myself down to the beach. I sat for about 30 minutes watching the gulls pick up snails and drop them onto the pebbles. It is an interesting behaviour to witness! Finally, I captured this one in flight.

A gull with their lunch! April 52

Week 15: Extreme Closeup (focus stacking)

I decided to use this feather as my subject for the challenge this week. I wanted to practise focus stacking and this seemed like a good subject for this. Focus stacking is where you take multiple pictures of the same object, but alter your focal point slightly between pictures. These images can then be blended together using editing software. It’s a slow process, but I was really pleased with the results and the detail that is shown in this image.

extreme close up of a feather for April 52

Week 16: Lamp (one click)

The idea this week was not to just see a lamp as a source of light but to incorporate it into the image. Making the lamp the subject. I started thinking about the energy crisis and how this could be represented. I also wanted to highlight the need for renewable energy sources so used lime fruit to create a fruit battery.

using a lamp as the subject in photography

Week 17: leading lines (4+ lines)

I spent the morning at a nature reserve. While photographing the Pelicans the warden came along to feed them. Then out of nowhere this gull swooped down and grabbed the fish! I wasn’t going to enter this one for leading lines, but then as I was editing it I noticed that actually with the wings and the beak there are actually three leading lines taking you to the action!

A gull taking fish from a pelican


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