New art receives recognition from two organisations

Over the last couple of months, some of my work has been recognised and awarded. So today I thought I would share these two new art pieces with you.

National Photographic Society

Every month photographers can submit their work to the National Photographic Society. The judges will then grade the work and if your images are good enough, they will get awarded either a highly commended award or a gold award. I am yet to achieve the elusive gold, but I have received another highly commended award this month.

The image I chose to submit was my slightly dark image “lock and key”. It features two hands, one holding an oversized key. The other hand has a keyhole where the palm should be.

New art receives highly commended in the NPS awards

It is such an honour to be selected among such amazing photographers!

52 Picks -new art

Those of you who follow me will know already that I take part in a project called 52 frames. Every week we are given a theme and have to capture an image of that theme. At the end of that week, the images are all put into a gallery. Also, a team of judges will pick their favourite images to go into the “52 picks” album. Last month I was lucky enough to have one of my images featured in the 52 picks!

The image was one that I was particularly proud of. I came up with the idea when I was feeling both proud and a little sad that my children are growing up and being more independent. The theme of the week was “emotion”.

reaching out for a bear, representing my children growing up for April 52.

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