Taking a look behind the scenes at some creative food photography

I am always up for a new challenge and want to try different techniques for my photography. When a new theme presents itself in the form of a competition or exhibition, I jump at the chance to have a go. This month my new challenge was creative food photography. It was inspired by the Sussex Contemporary artist call.

Creative Food Photography

I recently came across a call for submissions to an art gallery. The theme of the art had to be inspired by food or drink produced in the counties of Sussex (East or West). The artist also had to have links with the county, by living, working or studying there.

It was time to get my thinking cap on and start planning some ideas for this theme. I wanted to include the food but in a new and inspiring way. I didn’t want my images to look like food photography you would see in a restaurant menu or magazine.

Firstly, I had to come up with a food item. So a quick pop to a shop which sells local food and drink was in order. Once there I was spoilt for choice. I had a few ideas but couldn’t settle on any of them. Finally, I came away with some cookies and a can of beer. I loved the story behind the cookies. They were created using an old Sussex recipe discovered at Horsham Museum. After some experimentation, they created these tasty treats.

Getting creative

It was time to get my surrealist brain in check and start to draft out some ideas which started with the cookie and ended with something a little stranger! With a notepad and pen I did some quick brainstorming – as you can see from the image – it really is a rough process, but it works for me.

brainstorming ideas for creative food photography

The next stage is to draw out some (very rough) sketches of what I have in mind. As you can see I am not great at sketching – which is why I stick to photography!

sketching ideas for food art

Playing with props

Once I had narrowed down my ideas gathered the props I needed and started constructing my set-up. I am very untidy when I work! I regularly change my mind about how I am going to present things or which props to use. so rather than put them away I leave them scattered around (just in case I change my mind again!)

Final images

Once I had captured the images on the camera, it was time to play in Photoshop. This is the part where my photos get transformed into digital art! I can spend hours tinkering on an image! I even left these for a few weeks and came back to them as I wasn’t completely happy!

creative food photography
Food inspired art

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