Another month over and another set of images – May 52 is here

It is surprising how quickly the year seems to pass when you are documenting it through your photography! But here we are at the end of May and I have another set of images to show you for my 52 frames project. These images were captured each week for May 52. You can still check out my images from April too.

Week 18: Flat Lay (Self Portrait)

I ran out of time this week, as there was a bank holiday here in the UK, which you would think would give me more time. Instead, I didn’t know what day we were all week! In a state of panic, with one day to go, I got up and got on with it! I had been thinking all week about what I wanted to do and in the end, was really pleased with this surrealist take on the flat lay!

A surrealist take on a self portrait flay lay

Week 19: Architecture (perspective correction with a tilt-shift lens)

I headed into Brighton ty try and get some nice architecture shots. I had a horrendous drive over there and things just kept going wrong! Finally, this is what I came up with:

Architecture in Brighton

Week 20: Abstract (Adamski effect)

This week I wanted to try out the extra challenge. This is not something I have tried before, so I am always up for trying something new. I found myself down at the beach in Littlehampton and decided I could turn an average beach photograph into something a little more artistic by applying the Adamski effect. You basically have to add motion blur to the image for this effect and then bring back some details through masking.

Abtracrt beach shot using the adamski effect

Week 21: Inspired by a photographer (Dealer’s choice)

I opted to do the extra challenge again this week. This involved using the random generator to get a photographer to get inspiration. I was given Jenny Van Sommers. I will admit that I had to look her up to find out what her style was. Then I went about creating my own still life. One of her techniques is to not edit her images. This goes completely against what I do and was really hard! I shoot in RAW so I did need to make some basic adjustments, but tried to leave it as untouched as possible.

Inspired by a photographer - may 52

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