Look behind the scenes to see how I created my floating beer image!

Last month I shared a new project where I have been using local food and drink to create new art. This included an orange biscuit image. Another one in this series is this floating beer image. This month I thought I would show you what I did to create it.

Floating beer image - painterly photography

The setup

I had lots of different ideas for this can of local beer. The one I decided to photograph was the beer balancing on one finger! I needed to make the beer look as though it was balancing. This could have been done with wire and props. In the end, I decided to go for laying it on a clear perspex sheet. I then just had to place my hand in the image and capture the shot.

behind the scenes of the floating beer image

Floating beer image

Once I captured the initial photograph it was time to edit it in Photoshop. This is where the magic happened! I tweaked the basic settings and then added some textures and filters to make it more painterly. This is where my art goes from photography to mixed media digital art!

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