Creating painterly bird images with mixed media digital art

I have recently been developing my editing techniques to create a more painterly effect. The result has been these painterly bird images.

Painterly bird images

I love creating alternative images with my photographs. Recently, I adapted my technique which has turned my images into art! I use my photographs as a starting point and then added filters, textures and brush techniques to create mixed media digital art.

You may have seen this style in some of my other images. If not you can see some painterly food images here.

I loved how the food images turned out, so decided to apply this to some of my other images. I have shared some of these bird images before. However, they were edited in a realistic style. When I applied this painterly style to the bird images I was surprised by how good they looked! It really softens the overall effect and makes the feathers look more colourful and soft.

Buy images on Alamy

I am so pleased with how these images have turned out, that I added them to my image library on Alamy. All my images on this stock library are available to buy at various rates depending on your project!

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