Officially halfway through the year, it’s June 52!

Wow! Halfway through 2022, and halfway through my 52 frames project. They do say time flies when you are having fun! And I am certainly enjoying the process of getting my camera out every week! If you didn’t see my May 52 images be sure to check them out, but first here is my June 52 collection:

Week 22: Everything in Focus (from a mountain top)

As there are no mountains near my home I was unable to complete the extra challenge. I was not going to let this stop me from creating a fully in-focus image though! I found this little guy already dead on my window sill. It had obviously found its way into my house but couldn’t get back out. I took the opportunity to photograph it using a technique known as focus stacking. This is where you capture a subject multiple times, but slightly move your focal point between images. Then you blend the images using image editing software. I love how this little guy turned out. Then to add a little more dimension I added some textures.

fine art print - painterly bee

Week 23: Triangular composition (use smoke)

This week I was determined to get the extra credit, so decided to go for a still-life image. This way I could add come controlled smoke to the image. I added this by burning some incense sticks and trapping the smoke inside the glasses. When I was ready I released the smoke and snapped away quickly! I had already decided on the subject as they are triangular-shaped but also I created a triangular composition to make them look like an old-fashioned timer.

smoke and mirrors - using glasses and smoke for the June 52 challenge

Week 24: Shoot from above (use a drone)

I spent the week thinking of all the palaces I could get high, but everywhere I could think of didn’t have very interesting subjects underneath! In the end, I thought about how I could make the mundane view into an interesting image. So I decided to create an image of the footbridge over the main road falling apart to reveal the cars beneath!

falling apart - a painterly composite image

Week 25: what is it? (Macro)

So the idea of the challenge this week was to photograph something in a way which makes it unrecognisable. I love to play with a bit of macro photography, so it made sense to try and include the extra credit. I took lots of close-ups around the house, but in the end, settled on this one. It is probably easy to identify, but I like the ascetic of it!

what is it? Close up photography to trick the brain.

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