Painting or Photograph – New Art for Art Trail in July 2022

It is that time of year again and time to launch the 2022 Littlehampton Art Trail. I am so excited to be a part of it again. With completely new art on display and being featured in a new venue. All you need to decide is, is it a painting or photograph?

Painting or photograph?

Each year for this exhibition I try to come up with something a bit different. I am always playing with new techniques and styles, so there is always something new to show.

This year, I experimented with making my images look even more painterly. This is a technique I have tried in the past. However, I have always kept my pictures looking like photographs. This new technique has turned my pictures into paintings!

Many people may ask “why not just paint?” which is a valid question. However I have tried so many times over the years, but it is not a medium I get on with! So using digital art as my paintbrush I create these alternative images using mixed media.

Take a peek at my exhibition

I am lucky to have a window display to myself this year! My work will be featured in the window of Forget-me-not. This is a beautiful gift shop on East Street, Littlehampton.

Here is a small taster of what you can see, for the printed images you will want to visit the venue.

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