What it takes to get images exhibition ready.

Every time I commit to entering new images into an exhibition, I forget how much work is involved behind the scene to get that image exhibition ready. Today I thought I would show you a bit of what it is like behind the scenes.

Picking your best images

The first stage of this process is actually deciding what to put on display. If there is a theme, it can make the decision easier, as there may be fewer choices. However, I am probably my own worst critic, and can spend hours mulling over what I should commit to print!

Once the decision has been made, I like to do some more editing to ensure I am completely happy with the print. I proof the image at 100% magnification, double-checking for any dust spots or editing errors I may have missed previously.

The next stage is to soft proof the image. I use a professional print lab to print my images and they provide ICC print profiles. I can load these into Photoshop and then get a digital simulation showing how my image will look when printed on paper.

Finally, I can send the image to print!

mounting and framing

I will change my print size depending on the image. I usually like to include a black 1-inch broader around my images. In these cases, I do not need to include a mount. For those images which do not have a border, I will make a 1-inch mount to frame my photograph. I make these out of standard mountboard that you can buy in craft shops.

Then it is time to put the image into a frame. The trickiest part for me is to ensure that there is no dust, debris (or strands of my crazy hair!) included in the frame. So I give the inside a good clean with an anti-static cloth before I start.

Then with the image in place, and back fitted, I seal the backboard in place with some picture framing tape. This ensures that no dust will creep into the image.

framing prints to get them exhibition ready

I then secure some D rings 1/3rd of the way down the frame, and loop around some strong framing cord.

Exhibition ready

The final stage is to add my contact details to the back of the print. I then print out a “leave behind”. This is a sheet of information about me and how I can be contacted.

My prints are then ready to be delivered to the venue.

As much work as it takes to get the images to this stage, it is still very much worth it. I really enjoy seeing my images printed and framed.

See the exhibition

If you would like to see this image for yourself, there is still time! They will be on display at Forget-Me-Not in Littlehampton. Head over to LOCA for more details of the trail. Or check out my Facebook page for more information.

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