Painterly Bee wins a place in the top spot

You may have seen my painterly bee image when I posted it as part of June 52 for the 52 frames project. today I am excited to tell you that I managed to be selected as one of the featured images in the 52 picks album.

Painterly Bee

I created this image for the “all in focus” week. As the name suggests the whole of our subject had to be in focus. I had found this bee on my windowsill already dead and decided it would make an interesting macro subject.

When photographing macro subjects there is a narrow field of view. This means it is challenging to get the whole subject in focus using one image. This is why I used a technique called focus stacking. You capture multiple images but shift the focal point each time. Then blend these images together in photo editing software.

Once I had tweaked the essential adjustments, I added my own painterly style to it.

fine art print - painterly bee

52 Picks

Out of all the images entered the panel then chose 52 images which are their favourites. I was so pleased to get this honour, for the second time this year. Earlier in the year my “ted” image also made the top spot!

This gave me a real buzz (excuse the pun!)

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